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It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

Presenting Moose Jaw's finest Pakistani/ Indian inspired cuisine, DesiTouch Restaurant. All Halal food. Experience the aromas of your favorite dishes made with fresh oriental ingredients as they come to life in our open kitchen, featuring fire grills and authentic clay ovens. Come and watch us prepare your food in front of you.

Join us at breakfast, lunch and dinner to enjoy this unique style of cooking, with Canadian home style breakfast incorporating Indian and Pakistani dishes

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Moose Jaw awaits some DesiTouch to their lives

"Good dedicated team!
Really looking forward to it!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Ghulam Dastgir
"Good Approch. Great Team.
Best of Luck!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Faisal Butt

"The place looks very calm.
I liked its name!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Sheila Cox
"Best of luck for the restaurant!
Highly Recommended!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Dr Mohammad Ahmad

Our Menu

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  1. English Muffin with Desi Omelette

    Cheese, Omelette, Hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice

  2. Desi Croissant

    Cheese, Spanish egg, Hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice

  3. French Toast

    2 pcs Sweet/Salty, Hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice

  4. Eggs Benedict

    English muffin, Hollanaise sauce, Chicken slice, Hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice

  5. Desi Paratha

    Plain/Aalu/Sweet, Fried egg, Mint Sauce, Hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice

  6. Desi Pancakes

    3 Pancakes with syrup served with hash browns, coffee/apple/orange juice


  8. Sunday Special



  1. Chicken Karahi

    Chicken(with bone) with traditional spices

  2. Butter Chicken

    Chicken breast marinated in yogurt & spices with butter and creamy sauce

  3. Chicken Jalfrezi

    Tender pieces of chicken cooked with herbs, spices and egg

  4. LAMB

  5. Lamb Karahi

    Pieces of lamb on the bone cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and our own blend of spices

  6. BEEF

  7. Desi Beef Karahi

    Beef meat cooked in a wok with tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger garnished with green chillies

  8. FISH

  9. Fish Karahi Masala

    Marinated fish fillet, karahi masala, corainder, chopped tomato, sliced onions and chillies


  11. Malai Kofta

    Mashed Potatoes, paneer bread balls,nuts & raisins cooked in a rich & creamy gravy

  12. Daal Makhnai

    Black lentil & kidney beans, cooked w/ garlic, onion & tomato gravy

  13. Palak Paneer

    Served with creamy spinach, sauted & braised homemade cottage cheese

  14. Desi Channa

    Chickpeas cooked in desi spices with butter

  15. Mixed Vegetable

    Tasty variety of seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with exotic spices and green herbs

  16. Saag

    Cubes of freshly home made paneer(curd cheese) cooked with fresh spinach, simmered in a special sauce made with tomatoes, onions, butter and green herbs

  17. Aalu Bhaaji

    Potato and traditional herbs cooked with traditional spices

"Food is music to the body. Music is food to the heart" -Gregory David Roberts

Our Staff

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We ensure that each guest receives not only prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service but also nutritional, well-prepared cuisines from around world promising true value for money.


Our Head Chef from Toronto accompanied by a team of Pakistani and Indian Chefs work their magic to bring you nothing but the finest taste and quality.

Restaurant Staff

To ensure that your dining experience is nothing less than pleasant and memorable, our cordial waiters and waitresses will diligently see to your orders, comfort and suggestions.

"Food is our common ground. A Universal Experience" -James Beard